Engine Bay Cleaning

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Engine Like No Other~1.5 Hour

Cleaning with added protectant


Complete and safe engine bay cleaning.

- Engine bay agitation
- Full spray down
- Engine cover
- Under hood


1) Use air tool and hands to clear large and loose debris like leaves or dust.

2) Mask off engine to prevent damage.

Masking Off Engine

3) Disconnect and remove battery to prevent any electrical damage while cleaning.

4) Spray hood paint with waterless wash and hit the headliner with carpet cleaner.

Agitating Hood

5) Rinse dirt and chemicals out of the headliner

Spraying Down Hood

6) Spray engine bay with all purpose cleaner in small sections. This does not include the engine.

Spraying Cleaner on Engine Bay

7) Agitate with softer brushes to remove dirt.

Agitating Engine Bay

8) Rinse dirt and chemicals out of the engine bay.

9) Carefully remove mask from the engine.

10) Gently apply cleaner to external parts on the engine. Avoid any water pooling.

Agitating Engine

11) Completely dry the engine bay to prevent water spotting.

12) Spray silicone protectant on engine cover and other plastic parts

Wiping Protectant on Engine Bay

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