Water Spot Removal

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Spot Elimination~1 Hour

Spot removal with sealant


Removal of all water spots from exterior of vehicle.

- Full paint water spot removal
- Front windshield sealant
- Glass water spot removal


1) Snow foam the car and then rinse it off with a low psi, high gpm pressure washer. This gently removes debris without scratching the surface of the car.

Foaming Car

2) Hand wash the car with high gsm microfiber towels to remove remaining dirt. The two bucket wash method reduces the chance of debris scratching your car's paint.

3) Dry water off of the car to prevent water spotting.

Drying Car

4) Use finishing polish on painted surfaces to remove water spots. Finishing polishes are the lightest form of abrasive and only used on spots that remain after the initial wash.

5) Spray IPA solution on paint that is now spotless.

6) Spray affected areas with paint protectant and wipe it down with a few microfiber towels.

Spray Wax

7) Use glass polish if water spots are visible on exterior windows.

Polishing Glass

8) Spray IPA solution on the polished glass.

Spraying IPA on Glass

9) Apply glass sealant to front windshield in a cross hatch pattern with a lint free towel.

Sealing Glass

10) Let sealant sit for about 10 minutes

11) Apply second layer of sealant to front windshield with cross hatch pattern.

12) Let sealant sit for about 10 minutes.

13) Buff hazy windshield with a lint free towel until it is clear.

Buffing Glass

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