Interior and Exterior Cleaning

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Express Clean~1 Hour

Maintenance cleaning


Basic cleaning service for your vehicle.

- Full vacuuming
- Seat wipe down
- Crystal clear glass
- Door jams and panels
- One step car wash

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Deep Clean~2 Hours

Inside out cleaning


Heavy duty interior and exterior cleaning processes for stains, odors, and pet hair.

- Express Clean Package
- Wheels and tires
- Two step car wash
- Carpet agitation
- Stain extraction
- Odor elimination
- Pet hair removal

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Service Package Image


Sparkle and Shine~3.5 Hours

Deep clean with protectant


Premium car cleaning with interior and exterior dressings for that new car look and smell.

- Deep Clean Package
- Clay bar
- Iron decon
- Plastic dressing
- Leather protectant
- Fabric guard
- Tire dressing
- Paint protectant spray
- Bug removal


1) Snow foam the car and then rinse it off with a low psi, high gpm pressure washer. This gently removes debris without scratching the surface of the car.

Foaming Car

2) Hand wash the car with high gsm microfiber towels to remove remaining dirt. The two bucket wash method reduces the chance of debris scratching your car's paint.

3) Use a iron remover on the exterior of the car. After a few minutes, we rinse the iron remover off of the car.

4) Apply tar remover to tar or bug spots on car. This product also needs a few minutes to dwell on the cars paint.

5) Clay bar and wipe the car paint and windows down until smooth. This removes embedded debris from the clear coat of your car.

Clay Barring Paint

6) Dry water off of the car to prevent water spotting.

Drying Car

7) Clean wheels with a wheel and tire cleaner. Thoroughly scrub them down and rinse them off. This leaves your tires looking clean and rims shiny.

Cleaning Wheel

8) Apply a trim restoring product to weather stripping and exterior plastics with a foam applicator pad. This gives faded exterior plastics a deep black shine, and protects from UV rays.

Restoring Exterior Trim

9) Wipe up excess product with a microfiber towel.

10) Apply a tire gel with a foam applicator to all four tires giving them a nice glossy shine. After a lot of sun exposure tires will begin to brown, this helps to prevent.

Tire Gel

11) Wipe the remaining product after it sits for about ten minutes.

12) Spray the car with a paint protectant and wipe it down with a few microfiber towels. This gives your car a nice gloss and hydrophobic barrier keeping your car cleaner for longer.

Spray Wax

13) Remove large debris from car and put to the side.

Cleaning Out Interior

14) Clean the center console, front dashboard and wheel with a interior cleaner, microfiber towels and a few brushes.

Cleaning Steering Wheel

15) Wipe down the inside of the front windshield and rear view mirror with a glass cleaner and lint free towel.

16) Remove floor mats and wipe down the seats with a interior cleaner and microfiber towel for any loose debris.

17) Vacuum the carpets and lightly agitate them to remove debris.

Vacuuming Interior

18) Spray down stains and with a stain remover.

Applying Stain Remover

19) Spray the carpet with a carpet cleaner, scrub the carpets, wipe them down, and then vacuum any remaining dirt.

Agitating Carpets

20) Vacuum the floor mats and lightly agitate them to remove debris.

Vacuuming Trunk

21) Spray down rubber and plastic floor mats. Then scrub them down with an all purpose cleaner and rinsed with water. Carpet floor mats use a carpet cleaner instead.

22) Scrub inside of doors with a interior cleaner. Vacuum larger debris is necessary.

Cleaning Door Panel

23) Clean door jams with a waterless wash.

24) Restore window with glass cleaner. The same process is used for the trunk area.

Cleaning Glass

25) Spray down the front dash and any other plastic with a silicone based protectant. This protectant is slippery so we avoid the wheel and floor mats.

26) Apply a water based dressing lightly to the wheel and any rubber/plastic floor mats. If the floor mats are carpet, then we apply a water based fluorochemical to protect against spills and stains.

Spraying Fabric Guard

27) Wipe down any seats with a layer of the silicone protectant. If the seats are cloth then we use the fluorochemical dressing.

Wiping Down Seat

28) Wipe the door panels down with the silicone based protectant to finish the process.

29) Optional air freshener sprayed in your car.

**Tar and iron removers are sensitive to sunlight and need proper time to dwell on the surface of the car without drying to be effective. We may move your car so it isn't in full sunlight.

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